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Social Media Management

Social media sites are a business's best friend; they let your business run even when it's closed. Social media is a great way to interact with your customers (or potential customers) on a different level. It gives you an insight on what people like or dislike about your brand and also what your competitors are or aren't doing. Provide customer support easily through direct messaging, build relationships with active posting, and bring in many more sales through brand awareness. Social Media is vital to a business's success in the modern world.

Our Strategy 

We create and manage important social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube. We only post content that is compelling and relevant to your brand.

We grow a follower list of the social media page, and then proceed to post content that will get massive attention. That attention sets off a chain reaction, and the more people it reaches, the more chances of attracting new or repeat customers.

Facebook Most popular social media site today. Can create a business page with all necessary information such as address, phone, products or services, description, links, and much more. Post unique pictures, videos, or simple text. Important for all types of businesses.

Instagram Useful site that most users utilize on a daily basis. Post pictures and videos. Provide links, a short description, and connect to other social media sites. Good for any business that can show visuals.

Twitter A popular site with many active users. Deliver excellent customer support, post pictures, videos, news, just about anything. Great way to keep a healthy relationship with supporters. Good for any business!

Google+ A social media site that is used mostly as a Google directory. Is useful for location details, product or service information, reviews, and much more. Can also post content and join communities. Important for any business with a physical address.

YouTube Most common site for videos. Post videos of any type and any length. Great for all types of businesses.


Paid Advertising

Paid Advertisements attract the right type of people with every click. From Search Advertising to Social Media Advertising, we can target the exact target market that your business is looking for. Drive more traffic to your website, enhance the effectiveness of social media management, get more likes and engagement on social media sites, and grab huge amounts of leads and sales. Paid Advertising is by far the most powerful marketing tool to date.

Our Strategy 

We generate Pay Per Click (PPC) and Pay Per View (PPW) advertisements to reach the amount of intended audience. Our advertisements grab the viewer's attention ​and provide enough information to keep them engaged and curious. 

The advertisements bring the audience to the directed web page, which could be; a website, landing page, or social media site. Then the site's information will keep the visitor interested in your product or service.

Social Media Advertising Decide who sees your advertising and who doesn't. This includes Facebook HyperTargeted Advertising and Instagram Advertising. Choose how many viewers per day, what type of viewers, and the location of the viewers. Important for all types of businesses. 

Search Advertising Certain text searches bring your advertisement to the surface. Keyword based, let people searching for your type of services/products see what you have to offer. Google Advertising is the most popular form of search advertising. Good for most types of businesses. 


Web Design & SEO

A website is a business's most valuable online asset. It provides visitors with all the important information including location, service/product information, special events or deals, social media links, online store, and just about everything else. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) lets that website rank higher on search results; which makes it easier for potential customers to find that website when searching for it.

Our Strategy 

We design beautiful and descriptive websites that match your business perfectly. Our techniques and creativity are bound to keep your visitors scrolling. We are cautious about every detail to make sure that search engines are able to pick up the presence of your website.

The website will include all necessary information that visitors would be looking for, and all necessary information that search engines will be looking for as well. 

Website Development A creative and informative website designed specifically for the unique business. All necessary information, will be included. Important for all types of businesses. 

Search Engine Optimization Key words in the website and backlinks shows your website higher on the results in search engines. Important for all types of businesses.


Email Marketing

A fundamental marketing tool, Email lets you reach the audience on your own time; present your information when the time is right. Give details on special events or deals, important information, and anything in between. Approach viewers right into their pocket. Bring customers back with updates, or turn lost leads into sufficient sales. A very powerful marketing tool.

Our Strategy 

We grow an email list through website sales funnels, social media posts, special events or deals, and newsletter signups. We send emails whenever they are necessary and put a good amount of time and effort into making them creative and unique. 

Our emails grab the readers attention and influence them to visit the link. We give information of products they have missed out on, upcoming deals or events, latest posts, and much more.

Email Marketing Keeps your audience up to date on latest special events or deals, turns one-time customers into repeat customers, and transforms lost leads into sales. Good for all types of businesses.

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