3 Simple Reasons Your Business Should Be Utilizing Social Media

Are you meeting your business goals that you set for the month? The season? The year? Are you reaching the number of customers or profit you wish to be reaching? Or are you falling short by just a few?

Ask yourself this;

Are you properly leveraging important tools that will help you grow your business?

In today's "technologically addicted" society, social media is that important, robust tool.

Social media today is roughly an 11 billion dollar industry. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more are now a part of people's everyday lives. Almost 80% of all internet users are on social media daily!

And these numbers are only increasing; social media is only becoming more and more popular by the hour.


Social media is not shorted for just friends and family to be able to communicate with one another.

Social media has become an effective tool for businesses; and can be quite powerful if used properly.


Why would a business choose to utilize sites such as Facebook or Instagram or more in the first place?

What makes social media this "important, robust tool" you ask?

Well I'll tell you!

Here are 3 simple but vital reasons your business should be taking advantage of social media:

1. Your customers are on social media.

In the magical world of social media, people love to talk about what they like and don't like. And some of these people just so happen to be your customers!

Social media will produce an insight on your customers' tastes and distastes. This will give you an idea on how to improve your product or service. See what is working for your business and what isn't.

Number one rule of business: Provide what people want.

Not only will it give you an insight on your customers, it will give you a chance to build relationships with them. Who doesn't love a healthy relationship, right?

Communicate with your customers, talk to them. Transform them from simple customers to loyal supporters! Can you think of any downside to this? Because we sure can't!

But it doesn't stop there -

Social media is also a great platform to provide simple customer support on. Many times, questions or complaints from customers go straight onto your business page, or sent as a private message.

2. Your competition is (or isn't) on social media.

Either way, this will work to your advantage.

There are one of two things that your competition is doing;

They are either successfully using social media, or they are not successfully using social media.

If they aren't, then what are you waiting for?! Be a step ahead of your competitors, but not just any step; a VERY HUGE step ahead.

But if they are on social media, then get your detective hat ready.

Last time we checked, we didn't find any laws preventing you from seeing what they are up to on social media ;)

Pay attention to what your competitors are doing that you aren't. Or better yet, see what you can do that they aren't.

3. The world is on social media.

Your business is not limited to the same repeat customers. Business growth would be extremely difficult if that were the case.

The only way a business can flourish is if it's profits grow. And the number one way a business's profits can grow, is if it's clientele grows.

Increase your brand awareness, get your name out there!

There are thousands upon thousands of people around your area. And, believe it or not, some of them are looking for exactly what you have to offer.

Through the power of social media, you don't have to find customers anymore. Instead, the customers find you.

We hope these 3 reasons were enough to convince you to start utilizing your resources, though these are merely the straightforward reasons.

We will be covering more complicated grounds in our next blog post. Such as how social media increases your search rankings, the effectiveness of paid advertisements, advanced networking tips, and more!

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