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Haven't you heard? Loud Promotions is an upcoming and thriving social media marketing agency in the Chicago area. We see the transforming world of marketing and wish to be a part of that change. Our passion is to see the success in others, that is what drives us to reach and help as many business owners as we possibly can. 
Our short term mission is simple - To help at least three hundred businesses skyrocket their profits by the end of 2017. Sounds easy enough, right?
So what exactly do we do here at Loud Promotions? Well, generally speaking, we help businesses prosper with internet marketing! How, you might ask? We use the modern most dominant method of marketing; social media. We create and manage unique social media pages, and on top of that spend great time and energy on each and every post. Another favorable trick up our sleeve is paid advertising. We possess the skills needed to design creative and persuasive advertisements on search engines and on social media. Two more abilities we have are website design and search engine optimization. We use those skill sets to develop beautiful websites for our clients that will then satisfy their clients! Search engine optimization will help business websites be found easier. Our last expertise we wish to share with you is how we use email marketing to its maximum. We don't just do it for fun, we do it because it works!
There is a reason why we do what we do, and that reason is quite sincere. We market for businesses because we wish to impact business owners' lives.
Countless times we have witnessed small businesses with strong goals and meaningful products or services (or delicious food) simply not become as large as we hoped for them to be. Only because the business is not as recognized and popular as it should be, it doesn't succeed. In our eyes, that's unacceptable. We are motivated to change that, one client at a time. Every business is started with a goal in mind, and why we do what we do is because we wish to help business owners reach that goal.
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